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Personnel Dosimetry Application

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Use this form if you have never received an occupational dose at another institution. Otherwise, you must fill in this form: doc format or pdf format.
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  • Wear whole-body dosimetry with the window towards potential radiation sources, and between your waist and neck. (If you are assigned a ring TLD and you wear disposable gloves, wear it under your glove with the element towards the radiation source).
  • Always wear your assigned dosimetry as required while working in designated radiation areas or handling radioactive materials.
  • Never wear dosimetry assigned to another user and do not allow others to wear your assigned dosimetry.
  • When not wearing the dosimetry, leave it in a non-radiation area, preferably in designated locations.
  • Avoid taking dosimetry home. If you do, protect it from diagnostic X-rays, excessive heat, etc. If such exposure occurs, or if it is lost, notify the Radiation Safety Office as soon as possible.
  • Obey all safety rules specified in the FSU Radiation Safety Manual and any additional instructions given by your PI or Radiation Safety Office personnel, when working in radiation areas or handling radioactive materials.
  • If using radioactive materials, please contact the Radiation Safety Office in order to ensure that the training and experience section of your PI's Proposal has been completed authorizing your activities.

I have read and understand the above instructions and request that appropriate dosimetry be assigned to me.