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Defensive Driving Training

Defensive Driving is a driving technique that incorporates knowledge and skill with safety by enabling motorists to anticipate potential hazards and make proactive, rather than reactive, maneuvers to avoid those dangers. By anticipating potential hazards and making safe decisions, drivers reduce their risks and improve their overall safe-driving skills.

The purpose of the online Defensive Driving Training is to provide state employees with safe driving tips that help reduce the risk of a collision which could cause financial loss, injury, or death as a result. This online course is highly encouraged for all FSU faculty, staff, and students seeking to improve their offensive and defensive driving skills. Additional training is available and encouraged for those operating university vans.

Because this online training course is accessed through the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Learning Management System (LMS), an account is required to login and access the course. DFS has made this training available in STATS, their Learning Management System. All users will need to create a STATS account prior to accessing the online Defensive Driving course.

Instructions for how to create an account in STATS, link to the course, and Course Navigation Guide are available here.

STATS direct link.

After you view the training, a Course Exam and Course Evaluation are required before your Course Certificate will be available. You are required to obtain the Course Certificate to get credit for the course. If you have any questions about the training, please contact Janet Fryman at 850-645-7736.