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Anesthetic Gas Safety Training

Halothane and isoflurane are used as anesthetics for research animals undergoing various medical procedures. During the procedures, small amounts of these gases may leak from the vaporizer equipment in surgical suites, potentially exposing researchers performing surgeries and other procedures. It is important that researchers are aware of the risks associated with potential exposure to these anesthetic gases. The Anesthetic Gas Safety Training is mandated for all researchers administering halothane or isoflurane to research animals outside of the fume hood.

One-time training is required by Environmental Health and Safety, Laboratory Animal Resources, and the Animal Care and Use Committee.

After you view the training, you will fill out a registration form and quiz. The quiz will be graded and the results e-mailed to you. If you have any questions about the training, the quiz, or about hazards related to halothane or isoflurane exposure, please call Andrew Davis at 850-644-8916.

Requirements for viewing this training

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