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Hearing Conservation Training

Next to aging, noise-induced hearing loss is the primary reason for loss of hearing. It does not happen suddenly and can take years to diagnose due to the fact it occurs over an extended period of time from being exposed to high noise levels. Sadly, one of the first signs of permanent hearing loss is difficulty in hearing what another person is saying in normal conversation. By the time most people recognize their hearing problem, the damage is done. It is painless, progressive, and permanent despite being 100% preventable. While the damage cannot be undone, use of hearing protection can prevent further damage.

This training is designed to educate you on the efforts FSU is making to protect employees who work in environments that generate noise at levels that can potentially result in hearing loss. Discover the simple steps you should take to protect your hearing and that are available to you.

If you work in extremely noisy environments on a continual basis or if you have questions about this training, contact Mark Klawinski at 850-644-8177 to conduct a noise study on your work environment noise.

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