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Environmental Health & Safety


Laboratory Safety

Primary Programs

  • Training (Laboratory Safety, Laboratory Manager Safety Presentation and Discussion, Anesthetic Gas Safety)
  • Laboratory and shop inspections and audits
  • Licensing and oversight for use of Diethyl Ether, Prescription Drugs and DEA Controlled Substances

Other Programs

  • Laboratory hazards identification and posting
  • Evaluation of laboratory hazards
  • Evaluation of accidents, injuries and near misses in research laboratories
  • Consultation regarding risk of occupational exposures

Committee Service:

  • FSU Aero-propulsion, Mechatronics and Energy (AME) Building Safety Committee
  • FAMU/FSU College of Engineering Safety Committee
  • FSU Materials Research Building / High Performance Materials Institute (MRB/HPMI) Safety Committee
  • Campus Safety, Health & Emergency Management Association (CSHEMA)- Technical Committee

Andrew Davis, M.S.
Laboratory Safety Officer

Ben Labelle, M.S., ASP
Assistant Laboratory Safety Officer

Glenda Herrera-Gray, M.S., D.H.Sc.
Occupational Health & Safety Specialist

Alternate Contacts

Marvin Woods
Assistant Director

Main Office