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Laboratory Coat Program

For FSU Employees working in research laboratories

This program is designed to provide lab coats appropriate to the needs of the user at no charge to individuals or departments. This service allows laboratory personnel to have routinely professionally cleaned lab coats while working at FSU.

  • Lab coats are required to be worn in all laboratories at FSU that contain hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials and/or biohazardous agents.
  • Laboratory personnel are required to use personal protective equipment (PPE) based on the hazard present.
  • PPE including lab coats DO NOT replace engineering controls such as a fume hood, glove box, biosafety cabinet, or safe work practices.
  • A 3-Coat per person System is utilized.
    • 1 coat that is being used,
    • 1 coat that is on the rack ready for when the first needs to be cleaned, and
    • 1 coat which is being laundered.
  • Know your building’s coat drop off/pick up area and return box locations.
  • This program services FSU staff, students, and faculty working in research laboratories.

These coats are not Laboratory Personnel property.

They must be returned to your Department or EH&S when you leave the University.

Contact EH&S at 850.644.7682 with any questions.

Coat Type Example Material Uses
Standard White Lab Coat Cotton/Polyester
Good for general lab usages.
If working with large amounts of strong acids, bases, or pyrophoric materials, this coat is not appropriate
Supplement with an apron for acid handling.
Flame Resistant Lab Coat DuPont Nomex Should be used where pyrophoric or flammable materials are routinely used.
Flame resistance is maintained even with laundering.
Barrier Lab Coat Front & sleeves: 100% Polyester
Back: Polyester/Cotton blend
Good for labs handling biological materials, bloodborne pathogens or infectious materials.
Barrier lab coats should not be worn when working with pyrophoric or flammable materials.

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